Blacklisted? Get Credit Clearance

Are you blacklisted? Get credit clearance and start living a better life for both you and your family. Being blacklisted can have a number of consequences, preventing you from living the life that you want to live. With today’s economic hardship, more and more South Africans are finding themselves on the brink of the black-list. In fact, over 1.3 million summons and judgements were issued for debt in 2007; and almost 6.5 million South Africans are currently blacklisted. Even if you are on the black-list, you needn’t be in the dark as there are a number of options for get credit clearance.

What does it mean if you are “blacklisted”?

Being blacklisted means that you have a poor credit record, preventing you from gaining easy access to financing solutions for cars, housing, school, credit applications or university fees and a host of other loans. On the rare occasion that you are granted a loan, your interest will be a lot higher than that of your credit clear friends. If your credit record is very poor you may even be denied the opportunity of opening a bank account. Another implication of being blacklisted is that you can be denied a job opportunity based on your poor credit rating. If companies conduct a credit check, they can access information from the credit bureau that airs all your dirty credit laundry for all to see.  This can happen to both companies and individuals.


What causes blacklisting?

You may be blacklisted for a number of reasons; for example, if you have defaulted on credit payments in the past or failed to meet the required instalments and interest you owe on a loan. This could include anything from home loans, to cellphone contracts and mortgages.


Are you blacklisted? Get credit clearance!

Before you wave your dream house, dream job and education far into the distance, remember that there are ways to clear your credit record. That dirty, blackened credit laundry can come clean with the help of credit clearance. Paying back what you owe will not be enough to clear your credit record, but with some admin and effort, you can get your credit records sparkling good as new. Your blacklisting on ITC is by no means permanent, a blacklisting often occurs to get you to pay your dues on the defaulted loan or other credit in your name.

There are a number of companies and legal services that offer ways to erase unfavourable credit bureau listings or assist you with the loans you need.

The first step in whitening your record and getting ITC clearance is to register with a company who can provide you with credit clearance. A simple online search will reveal South African companies that can not only help you improve your credit rating, but can also loan you the money that you need even though your name is in the black. The company you choose will then get their credit clearing hands on your credit report and help you to improve your credit rating and ditch the dirty credit record.

Debt counsellors are also available to help you to learn about credit solutions and learn how to sustain good credit practices. Companies will often encourage you to see a debt counsellor once your blacklisted inventory has been cleared with the credit bureau. The debt counsellor will take a look at your income, expenses and debts and offer suggestions of how you should budget and allocate your money to cover all your costs and keep up with loan payments in the future.

Being blacklisted need not be the end of your financial freedom, so take the initiative to take advantage of legal services and other companies who can help you clear your credit record. It is also important to learn from your mistakes and take the necessary steps and make the required payments so you can avoid being thrown into the dark deep-end of a bad credit rating.